1. 19/07/2014_day89 : red leaves in Gotokuji Temple on Flickr.

    This temple is known for autumn leaves, but it already has some red leaves now.

  3. 18/07/2014_day88 : shoe shop sign in Jingumae on Flickr.

    I cannot easily find the comfortable shoes for my legs, so I take care to take good care of them whenever I get ones.

  5. 17/07/2014_day87 : sushi shop in Shimotakaido on Flickr.

    There is a reasonable sushi shop (not a revolving sushi bar) near my house and I have sushi there once in a while, but I always check the price before ordering.

  7. 16/07/2014_day86 : spot-billed duck in Setagaya on Flickr.

    I could not see the lovely red sky for a second straight day but I was happy because I saw the lovely spot-billed ducks on both the two days.

  9. 15/07/2014_day85 : earthly stars in Horikiri Junction on Flickr.

    After the rain, I could not see stars in the sky due to the thick
    cloud but saw many bright stars on the road.