1. 29/09/2014_day161 : Tsukiji sunset in Kachidoki on Flickr.

    I did not know that I can see the Tokyo Tower from here.

  3. 28/09/2014_day160 : yellow leaves in Jindaiji Temple on Flickr.

    It is too early for autumn leaves here, but you can see the beautiful yellow leaves in the sunlight when looking up.

  5. 27/09/2014_day159 : Japanese sake in Jindaiji Temple on Flickr.

    When you have Japanese soba and want something to drink, I recommend you Japanese sake. It goes well with soba, so please try it if you have a chance. But be careful not to drink too much no matter how it tastes good.

  7. like a cloud in Mukoujima Hyakkaen on Flickr.

    White hibiscus mutabilis looks like cloud in the blue sky, doesn’t it?

  9. 25/09/2014_day157 : Long time no see in a park on Flickr.

    I remember we met here in February. I’m happy you are looking well.