1. 17/09/2014_day149 : after the rain in Cat Street on Flickr.

    At night after the rain there are many reflected lights from the puddles or waterdrops, so this street is a little bright than usual.

  3. 17/09/2014_day149 : faucet in Tamagawa River location baseball ground on Flickr.

    Turning on a faucet and getting safe water is nothing special all over Japan, but it is great, isn’t it?

  5. 16/09/2014_day148 : Japanese beauty-berry in Akatsutsumi on Flickr.

    These lovely purple berries are close to the end of the season.

  6. 15/09/2014_day147 : autumn festival in Oshiage on Flickr.

    In Japan many people have a three-day weekend, and there are many autumn festivals now.

  8. 14/09/2014_day146 : going home in Meguro Sky Garden on Flickr.

    You can see the evening sun closer than usual from this park that is located on top of the junction.